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9 Quick Tips to Get Your Home Sold Faster (And For More Money)

Whether you’re a first time home seller or one that’s experienced the process before, it’s always best to make sure that you’re in the know when it comes to how best to present your home for sale. Following these simple steps below can add value and attractiveness to your property and make it teleport off of the market. Here at Raleigh Home Team, we want to help in any way we can.

1. Don’t Overlook Curb Appeal

Eight seconds. That’s all you have to impress a potential buyer that’s seeing your property in an initial drive-by. Most buyers are savvy enough to know that pictures online will always present the home in the best possible light. You’d be surprised what the camera can hide. Most will want to get a look in real life and this is your chance to impress. Keep your home landscaped well and update the exterior to make it presentable while it’s on the market.

2. Do Your Best Bob Barker Impression

Is the price right? You should be sure to do extensive research into your current market and get a gauge of what’s selling and what isn’t. If your area is currently a “buyer’s market” you’ll want to take that into consideration and lower your initial asking price. If it’s currently a “seller’s market” you can take advantage and increase the price while keeping it in line with others in the area. The goal is to attract with the price while maximizing a realistic return on profit to you.

3. Keep Your Marketing Fresh

Don’t be stale with how you present your home. It deserves more than simply sticking a “For Sale” sign in the yard and telling a few friends to spread the word. In today’s real estate market, the competition is doing all they can to sell their home and you must have the same conviction. Use every possible resource including online marketing. Choosing the right agent will put your home on the map! A home that isn’t seen is a home that doesn’t get sold.

4. Do Needed Repairs Now and Neutralize The Home

Procrastination is death to a home sale. Do an extNerior and interior walk-around of the home and make a list of all needed repairs no matter how minor. What may be a molehill to you may be Mount Everest to a potential buyer so never assume. It’s best to do any and all repairs before you list the home if possible. Buyers will look for anything wrong and here’s your chance to make sure nothing is. Also, go with neutral paints. Buyers love a blank canvas.

5. It’s Called ‘Staging’ for a Reason

It’s because you’re doing just that. You’re putting your home on a stage to show it off. Home selling is a beauty contest of sorts. Potential buyers that are viewing your home most likely have a few others that are in the running as well and this is where you need to make them feel like they’re already home. Light scented candles and play some calming music such as jazz or classical. The viewing needs to cater to the buyer’s emotions.

6. Everyone Loves Goodies

Come bearing gifts. Buyers love extra incentives and because so many sellers are doing it, being empty-handed may very well turn a buyer off completely. Try to be different in what you’re offering in your “financial goody bag”. Many sellers offer to prepay taxes or closing costs, but, take a look at your home and see where you can be different. Consider offering nontraditional things like a year of landscaping, for example.

7. Throw More Bait In the Water

Don’t be afraid to add a few small add-ons to the home that will boost value in the eyes of your demographic. A great example would be installing a wall-mounted flat panel TV to your condo or a nice outdoor patio set to single family ranch home. The name of the game isn’t only catering to your buyers but also to stand apart from your neighbors. Always remember, your home isn’t the only one in your neighborhood being sold. Make yours special and a must have.

8. The Market Is Rarely Hot In the Cold

Home selling is definitely a seasonal sport. It’s always a great idea to hold off listing your home in the winter for obvious reasons. In the warmer months, potential buyers are out in droves with their families doing home viewings and drive-by peek-a-boo’s. This is not something anyone wants to do in the blistering cold of the winter months. During the most frigid months of the year, expect home sales to be just as low as the reading on the outdoor thermostat. Hold off listing until the mercury rises.

9. Beat Your Buyers to a Home Inspection

Want to really impress your buyers? Order your own home inspection and have it ready to show them as they filter in. This shows that not only do you have nothing to hide, but, you are anxious to show off how perfect your home truly is! It also serves the duty of showing you any areas that need repair or upgrade that were unaware of before you list. So no matter how you slice it, it’s flat out just a great idea to have one done pre-listing. Beat the buyer to the punch.

Your New Buyer Is Waiting

Following these tips will have you on the right track to selling your home with a shorter turnaround, with little headache, and with a higher profit. At Raleigh Home Team, we use experience and industry-forward resources to get your [cityname] property sold with exactly those three things in mind. Contact us [hyperlink Contact Info] and let us partner with you to make this happen!

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